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As a commercial HGV driver you are in demand in today’s job market. But where do you start looking for your ideal job? You look up HGV jobs online and you start filling application after application, until you have forgotten what jobs you have applied for. You rarely hear back from these applications, so you keep on filling more and more applications. Finally, you are starting to get some responses, but now you are having troubles finding the right fit, some jobs are too far, some start work too late or too early, some require weekend or night work, some don’t pay enough, or don’t have the flexibility you need.
Don’t get discouraged, apply for a job with Staff Elite and we will setup a meeting to find out exactly what you are looking for. Since we are working with hundreds of companies looking for HGV drivers, we will work with you to find the perfect position to match your schedule, work needs and income goals. With Staff Elite’s large number of clients, you have the flexibility to move to different assignments without having to look for a job all over again and you don’t have to get bored with the same old routine. With Staff Elite there are many opportunities to fit your lifestyle and the amount you are looking to earn. We have local, close to your home jobs as well as regional jobs. Staff Elite will work with you to best suit your needs.


The success of your logistic or supply chain firm majorly depends on the kind of labour force that you have. An efficient and professional labour force, more so the driving personnel makes an organization to shine. Looking for such well-equipped and success attracting labour force can be a daunting task. However, it is highly simplified thanks to Staff Elite.


About Staff Elite?

Staff Elite is an international specialty recruitment agency devoted exclusively to the logistics and supply chain industries.We provide staffing solutions within the UK, South Africa, and Bulgaria.The organization is one of the quickest growing international firms. We provide custom solutions that are scalable to any logistics and any supply chain environment with the key focus on increasing profits, improving service and enhancing competitive advantage.Staff Elite believes in creating long term partnerships with its clients and our offering is continuously evolved to meet their ever changing needs. Owing to the entrepreneurial approach adopted by Staff Elite and service satisfaction a stellar reputation of the firm is now existing. Staff Elite understands European safety regulations and knows how to recruit, screen and retain the best drivers and warehouse personnel. Safety is a shared commitment among our personnel, our customers and ourselves.We have consistently ensured efficient administration of workforce in the temporary, permanent and contract sector. Our network and our superior expertise enable us to be responsive and resourceful in meeting our customers’ specific needs. Our reputation for consistently high-quality service is very important to us and it is based upon our shared commitment to a culture of safety, quality and compliance.

We pride ourselves of enlisting temporary and permanent drivers to help, or clients develop their businesses. A great spirit of commitment helps us deliver your gold standard service. Quality, compliance, and safety are our core values. Vast experience in warehouse industries and distribution sector helps us deliver what we have always promised our clients.

Our Services

We offer a range of tailored managed services, which enable you to outsource part or all of your recruitment processes to us.Our well-positioned offices within the UK, Bulgaria, and South Africa give you access to our top-notch services.At Staff Elite, your operation will be matched with hand-pickedpersonnelfrom our workforce to suit your specific requirements.

Whether you need Class 1 Drivers (CatC+E), Class 2 Drivers (Category C), C1Drivers (7.5t driver), Van Drivers (Category B), Forklift drivers, Reach truckDrivers, Pickers, Checkers, Packers, Sorters, Warehouse operatives, Driver’s Mates are all available to fulfil your needs.


Managed Service Provider (MSP)

Staff Elite specializes in MSP contracts. In fact, 98% of our clients are on a MSP contracts with us. This service is aimed at high volume contingency personnel users. We assign site managers who will be working full time at your site. This ensures full responsibility and accountability, one point of contact, planning, reporting, achieving KPI’setc. Our service offering enhances efficiency, allows great flexibility while it saves on your bottom line.


Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Staff Elite’s Recruitment Process Outsourcing consists of managing the entire recruiting/hiring process for permanent staff, or managingcertain aspects of the process. This gives you a piece of mind and saves you time and hassles.

Risk management

Given the complicated nature of the supply chain and logistics industries (especially FMCG), Staff Elite keeps the clients safe from risks of theft, accidents, and stock shortages. We assign a Risk Manager who will investigate occurrences of such risks and blacklist any worker involved to ensure that a case of this type doesn’t occur again. Risk Management is included in our service offering and it is at NO cost to you.

New Project Development Team

Staff Elite’s success is our client’s success and vice-versa.We are committed to making every effort in making every new project a success. We achieve this by getting involved in your operation before we even start providing our services to you. Staff Elite also introduces site specific induction as well as Day 0 at no cost to the client. This approach ensures a smooth, controlled transition which increases productivity and reduces risk.

Tailor-made Solutions

Even though warehousing and distribution processes are similar from business to business, we understand that every individual company has its unique challenges. Some are “homemade”, and some are external. Staff Elite providestailor-made solutions to meet your specific needs based on your operation.

Why Staff Elite

Most importantly we are a customer service organisation, we are passionate about what we do and then we are a recruitment agency. Anything could be said however as it’s said: “The proof is in the pudding”. The following are some reasons that have grown our business:

  • Passion

Staff Elite’s business is founded on passion and love for what we do. We believe this is one special quality that makes any company or individual succeed.

  • We know our staff well
    Every applicant goes through a process of thorough checks. These include reference checks, practical and theoretical tests, license checks, English comprehension test, maths test. Staff Elite builds a personal relationship with all its employees.
  • Efficiency and convenience
    All our staff is trained and experienced for the job they are assigned. Company induction as well as site specific induction is done with all our personnel. This ensures smoother transition and better performance.
  • Compliance
    Staff Elite complies with all statutory and non-statutory laws and is also a member of the Road Haulage Association (RHA).
  • Honesty and Integrity

Acting in our absolute integrity in all we do.

“Honesty” – Scrupulous with regard to telling the truth and acting without stealing, fraud or breach of laws. “Integrity” – Steadfast principled adherence to the Code of Business Ethics.

  • Responsibility and Accountability

Taking personal ownership of in all that we do. Give full account of all work performed by each and every Staff Elite employee.


Our rates

We at Staff Elite are open, transparent and don’t have any hidden charges. For a proposition to be seen of value,there are only two choices to be made when considering rates for a service. One is to get the lowest possible price and second is to pay the cost but improving service offering. Not reaching either of those goals will be a fruitless exercise. Staff Elite is open minded and competitive when it comes to price. However, our first priority is to fit your company needs and offer a world class service.

Recruitment Process

Screening process –  Staff Elite minimum requirements
English Comprehension Test
Maths Test
Attitude Test
Road traffic theory Test
Reference Checks
License Checks
Medical fitness questionnaire
Introduction to Staff Elite – Policies and Procedures, PPE ,Pay Queries ,Inspection, Accidents, Delivery, Documents, Payments, Rates of Pay, Company Structure, Night Pick-ups, Incidents, Code of Conduct, Attendance, etc.
Area knowledge test
Medical screening when required
DBS check when required

Staff Elite PSP – South Africa
Staff Elite BG – Bulgaria
Staff Elite UK – United Kingdom



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